What is it?

Do you want to know about what the real life escape game is?

The game

Come and visit the first escape game in Cartagena. Have the courage!


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Team from 2 to 5 people, a real mysterious room with clues to find the key, 60 minutes to get out…

You and your team will find yourselves locked in a real room full of secrets: you would only have one hour to fulfil your mission and find the way out. You have to be very alert and attentive....any object could provide the clue you need to achieve your objective. We will not tell you more...

Will you join the game?

EnigRoom is the first Real Life Escape Room in Cartagena city, and the best alternative entertainment in Cartagena. It is an adventure where you can become a hero, as if it was a movie, your favourite book or a computer game. If you thought you had tried everything, here you will probably find a way to have fun that is totally different and out of the ordinary. What is there to do in Cartagena? Try EnigRoom!

Do you dare to take on the challenge?

  • Fun for all ages. Both the young and the adults can enjoy the experience alike.
  • No limits. You don't need any special skills or training.
  • It has nothing to do with fear or danger. EnigRoom is an experience consisting in finding clues and solving puzzles and riddles in a fun and safe environment. Our staff will be watching the progress of the games at all times through video cameras, ready to attend any participant’s needs.
  • It is difficult, but not impossible. 55% of the players succeed in overcoming the challenge... Will you be one of them?

The game

Operation Siberia

The Mafia operates across the city with total impunity and nobody dares to stop them. You and your team belong to a secret elite police group and have received a clue: the fundamental evidence that will allow you to solve the murder of the anti - corruption Judge, who was in charge of dismantling the most dangerous mafia group in the city. The evidence is hidden in a mafia´s secret den.

Will you have the courage to face the Mafia?


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