Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will answer all your questions to be sure that everything is clear.


How many people can play?

It's a team game designed for a group of two to six people; to solve successfully marking time using "collective mind", note that for a group of 2 people likely to be more difficult to get the challenge for one of 6 people (although we have seen it all) is required .

Who can I play with?

Just assemble a group of maximum 6 people: friends, family, co-workers, your rock, from the football team of the group of dads / moms cole, people from the group of WhatsApp paddle ... you have endless possibilities.

What if we just 2, we are able to escape?

Of course! Moreover, sometimes couples get better result because better coordinated between them than a larger group, so go ahead, go for new adventures.

Can children participate?

In principle it is a game designed for adults of any age, but we had families with children aged 9, 10, 11 years and have been great. Nobody knows you better than your children, their concerns, their abilities, their behavior ... really is at the discretion of parents to decide whether or not to come with their children.

Must bear in mind that if a group of children (-16 years) the presence of at least one adult (16+) responsible for the group will be required to participate in the game or waiting at our facilities until the game is over .

Are there any limitations associated with age, sex, physical condition, etc.?

Any. You can participate anyone over 18 years old (children accompanied by an adult at least), you do not need any special physical preparation (you only have to use your mind) can participate pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled.

However, if any of you have some physical limitation (needs a wheelchair, is hearing impaired, etc.) please contact us by email or by phone on +34 670 336 995 to explain your particular case.

Mathematics is not my thing ... Can I play?

You do not need any special knowledge to participate in our game, have fun and solve it successfully ... not have to be a Nobel Prize, or speak 5 languages, or dominate perfectly the mental calculation, just watching, focus on the things, relate, interact with your colleagues and most importantly, believe in your abilities.

Will we stay trapped forever if we cannot get out?

No, because another group is sure to play next and we will have to rescue you.

Can I leave the game at any time?

If for some reason one of the players needed to leave the room before the end of the game will follow the signs administrator of the game.

Will I feel afraid?

You will live an unforgettable experience and feel many emotions, you have to keep in mind that you have some mobsters on your heels, depends on how susceptible you are tense will be more or less. Yes, laughter and adrenaline rush we guarantee.

And you're calmer, the administrator of the game will be on every slope you time to intervene if necessary.

Can I participate if I have claustrophobia or cardiovascular problems?

Yes. The game does not contain any element that can cause claustrophobia or aggravate cardiovascular problems. In addition every time the room is observed by the game administrator watching its development and status of each of the participants to intervene if necessary.

Can I hurt myself? Could it be dangerous?

The only thing that you can damage is your personal pride if you do not solve the game, but... I believe in you. The game is completely safe, there is no danger of any kind, no jumping, climbing, running, lifting weights... just observe, deduce and think.

Can I play if I do not speak Spanish?

Perfectly! The game is designed so that you don’t need to speak Spanish or any other foreign language. The Game Administrator presents the game in english in this case.

Why is so important to be punctual?

We need you to be very conscious of how important is to arrive on time, or even five minutes earlier if possible. The game has a fixed timeframe and at the end of a session the room needs to be prepared for the next group. We respect our customers and do not want anyone to wait except in cases of force majeure.

If we were to delay the start of the game more than 10 minutes because of participants, we would have to cancel the meeting in order not to prejudice the next group. We hope that you understand our motives.


How much does the game cost?

The price is:
2 players – 20 euros per person
3 players – 16 euros per person
4 players – 13 euros per person
5 players – 12 euros per person
6 players – 11 euros per person

How long in advance do I need to book?

En nuestro calendario de reservas podrás consultar los huecos disponibles y elegir el día y la hora que mejor se adapten a tu horario. Si lo tienes claro, te recomendamos que no dejes las cosas para el último momento, cuanto antes realices la reserva, mejor… nos imaginamos que no es fácil hacer coincidir a todos los componentes de tu grupo y te resultará muy molesto tener que cambiar los planes al encontrarte con que alguien se te haya adelantado y elegido la misma sesión que tú.

If there is availability you can book from one day to another or even the same day, but as a general rule we recommend booking at least one week in advance, and avoid surprises and have ample time to receive confirmation from us .

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, but please notify us in advance as possible, because if you leave it to the last minute, you deprive other people to enjoy the experience when you had reserved.

If your circumstances have changed and you let us know, we will manage the rebooking for another day available.

How are bookings and payments made?

Al enviarnos la solicitud de la reserva a través de nuestra web enseguida recibirás un email confirmando que la hemos recibido, y con la máxima brevedad posible recibirás un segundo email confirmando que todo está correcto y con algunas instrucciones y consejos. El pago se realizará siempre en el mismo momento en el que vengáis a jugar.

Can I make a reservation in my name and go play someone else in my place?

If you make the reservation in your name and finally for whatever reason can not come, you can substitute another person or the rest of the group to play with one less component.

I need an invoice, how can I get one?

Contact us via e-mail at indicándonos la sesión reservada y los datos fiscales necesarios (nombre, NIF/CIF, dirección) para emitir la factura. Te la enviaremos a tu correo electrónico con la mayor brevedad posible.


Contact us by email at or by phone +34 670 336 995 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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