We are looking for people to help us find the relic and kill the bad, you can help us?

We found the door of an old abbey and need courageous researchers who dare to go to end the evil that dwells there. We found some writings that talk about a relic that could help them get it. So far everyone who has entered it has been there forever. Will you have the courage to go in there, end the evil and come out alive?

Spend with us a while and try out creepy gathering the clues under the watchful eye of evil. Only to be able to find the relic and return it to its place can get out of there alive.

Gather your team 2 to 5 peopleBook your pass at the date and time you want to turn, wait until you confirm your reservation by Whatsapp and get ready to participate in our room escape passage of terror set in. Remember we have passes available for 2 groups every half hour and must be on the premises at the time you have chosen. The two groups match in the same time will passing in order of arrival.

Price per person: 5 €


* Approx. 15 minutes

* Not recommended for children under 14 and people with heart problems.

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